Kind People are My kind Of People

Readers Digest asked their readers to share firsthand accounts on compassionate experiences they’ve had in their lives, so that they, would in turn re-share these stories with other readers on their online platform. Here is one such beautiful story, as narrated word for word by Leslie Wagner:

When the supermarket clerk tallied up my groceries, I was 12 dollars over what I had on me. I began removing items from the bags, when another shopper handed me a 20 dollar bill. “Please don’t put yourself out.” I told him. “Let me tell you a story” he said. “My mother is in the hospital with cancer. I visit her everyday and bring her flowers. I went this morning and she was furious at me for spending a lot of money on flowers. She demanded that I do something else with my money. So, here, please accept this. It is my mother’s flowers.”

How many of us would do the same? I mean, this person has a sick mother battling cancer in the hospital that he regularly buys flowers for. After his mother protests that he uses the money he spends on buying her flowers for something else, rather than use the money on himself, he shares it with a stranger who he feels needs it the most.

It is important that we practice being kind as often as we possibly can, it is important that we do. Now, I am not using this as a scare tactic. I am merely trying to emphasize a point; vibrations that we send out into the world through our thoughts, words, and deeds, be they positive or negative, always have a way of coming back to us. Be kind and the world will be kind to you. Be unkind to others, and as a natural law, this very act will be served to you in the same or in a different form.

The next time a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, or a relative comes running to you for help, be kind in your response. It could be that you are not in a position to effectively solve their problem, which is understandable, but still you can communicate this to them in the kindest of ways rather than judging them or badmouthing their situation through gossip, that would be unkind and you should expect the same form of treatment to happen to you at some point in your life.

Again, the kindness you extend to others should also be enacted on ourselves and our life experiences through self care and self love. We should express this by making sure we are healthy physically, spiritually, and mentally. This can be attained by consuming the right diet, doing regular exercises, maintaining mental balance, and devoting ourselves spiritually. Incidentally, kindness should not be reserved only for yourself and those who are kind to you. Even those who are unkind to you deserve your kindness; from research and observation they need it the most. If you come across someone who takes pleasure on being unkind to others just know they have been through similar experiences either while they were growing up, or in their respective present environments among a host of other almost similar factors. So rather than entangle with them in their unkind mannerisms, you can chose a different route and match their unkindness with your kindness. If they do not reciprocate, you can always walk away with full knowledge that you did your best and that with time they will come to learn the folly of their character and change their ways.

Finally, it should be pointed out that animals and plants also deserve our care. If something hurts us humans, rest assured that it hurts the other species of the animal kingdom as well. We see dogs for example; physically express gratitude in response to our attitude of kindness towards them. As for plants, new study suggests that they could “scream” when being cut. Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel have in the recent past made suggestions that plants stressed by drought or physical damage may emit high frequency distress noises.

If the reasons stated above are still not convincing enough for you to express your kindness to plants and animals, just know this; without plants and animals that human beings have used as food, tools, labor, and companions over the years, society as we know it today, could not have evolved to the level it is today. How about we engage our compassionate nature and show our gratitude through extending acts of kindness to plants and animals.

Be kind whenever possible, it’s always possible!!

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