Trust the Process

One of the biggest impediments we place on ourselves is self comparison to others. This is a bug which has infiltrated every fiber of our society today; especially on this day and age of the social media. We see friends and strangers on our timelines display flashy images of a supposedly wealthy lifestyle and all of a sudden we want that, we want it at all costs, and we want it now, not tomorrow. I heard someone refer to this as the microwave generation where we don’t appreciate the process of getting there, everything has to be available instantly.

Let me burst your bubble, anything worth having requires time and patience; especially those nice things that we are ever craving for. You have to be willing to put in the time and cultivate patience that it will all come together. Hurried and harried undertakings usually end up in missteps, mistakes, and sometimes irreversible blunders. Look at nature for example, her pace is patience, yet she manages to get everything perfectly done. When you plant a seed, it normally goes through a lengthy growth process, imbibing water from the soil, absorbing light from the sun, risking destruction from animals and humans, and yet it continues to grow at a steady pace until its full maturity to something beautiful and beneficial in one way or another. It is a mentality that as humans we need to adopt, we ought to appreciate the fact that growth is a process that has its ups and downs and as such requires time and patience.

Another fact that most of us miss is that during the growth process there are very valuable lessons that one is supposed to learn; lessons which might later be resourceful by acting both as a foundation and a fortress once the intended destination is arrived at. For instance if it is material wealth you are after, what are some of the lessons you need to learn along the way so that you don’t easily lose it once you attain it, or say you are a spiritual seeker, what are some of the lessons you need to learn so that you don’t fall back to your “worldly” ways so to speak. Just like a caterpillar which undergoes different stages of transformation before it matures into a beautiful butterfly, so must we humans.

We all know Jack Ma, founder of the giant e-commerce platform Ali Baba, and the richest man in China. I am sure most of us have heard of his inspiring “rags to riches story.” For those who haven’t, Jack Ma faced a lot of rejections prior to getting to his current station in life, for instance when he was still scrapping from the bottom in China, and KFC was new in town and was hiring. Jack sought employment and among everyone who showed up, he was the only one who was rejected. And when the police in china was hiring, everyone who showed up was taken in except for him, yet Jack Ma never gave up, he never sought an easy way out, stayed on course and stayed true to himself, look where He is today. Closer home is our very own Catholic Pope-Pope Francis who at one time was a nightclub bouncer as well as a janitor and a dishwasher by day. Did he give up? Did he seek shortcuts? Didn’t he totally trust in himself and the process? Well, what’s your excuse?

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