Is Witchcraft Real

The existence and potency of witchcraft continues to be a hotly contested topic with as many proponents as there are opponents. Well, for sure we all know that it exists, as to whether it is potent or not is the subject of this post.

The first time I gave this topic a serious thought, someone coincidentally brought it up in a random conversation we were having. I then asked this individual if he believed witchcraft was real, the reply he gave was somehow rhetoric; he said to me, do you believe God is real? I said yes, then so is witchcraft. Essentially what he was trying to say is that belief in God is belief in the paranormal, belief in a higher power that cannot be physical seen or touched. Just because you can’t physically see witchcraft in play, doesn’t mean it is non-existent. The answer he gave in a way made sense to me, but didn’t fully satisfy my curiosity.

My quest for concrete answers on this topic led me elsewhere, Science, more specifically Quantum Physics. From a layman’s perspective, the science of Quantum Physics studies how the universe works by observing the small stuff like atoms, electrons, and neutrons which make up the greater whole. This branch of science argues that the structure of atoms is 99.9999 percent energy, and since every physical object including you and I are made up of atoms, it implies that we are 99.9999 percent energy; we are more nothing than something, and so is everything else that is classified as tangible. Quantum Physics further states that each of us at the very core has the ability to influence what shows up in our lives and the kind of outcomes we experience by thought alone through a phenomenon known as the observer effect. There is this energy field around us which is influenced by our thoughts and feelings to attract a similar kind of energy. Ever thought of someone long enough and all of a sudden, out of a clear blue sky they called you-or you bumped into them. Well, that’s the observer effect in play.

Back to our topic on the potency of witchcraft; one prominent figure on spiritual matters, Jagadish Vasudev, commonly known as Sadhguru was asked this similar question in one forum he was attending. He said witchcraft was more or less an occult whose initial purpose was to serve mankind in positive ways like physical, emotional, and mental healing. A purpose which was derailed by negative elements who used it to harm others hence the negative outlook it has today. He gave an interesting analogy; that if you had your cell phone in the ancient past, and you used it to call someone in a different country, the people back then would have probably labeled you a witch, he summarizes by saying that the kind of technology that for instance a cell phone uses is the same type of technology that is applied in witchcraft only that it seems more sophisticated and subtle now.

Now my argument here is this. If through the observer effect as defined in Quantum Physics, you are able to predict and control the desired outcomes in your life through thoughts alone. Imagine what would happen if you had the appropriate witchcraft paraphernalia (or technological instruments as Sadhguru would refer to them) together with the right spells, chants, or incantations. Wouldn’t it then be possible to control or influence outcomes elsewhere even if it is to an insignificant degree? What’s your thought.

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