A Cannibal Cult-The Aghori

India is a country of rich, cultural, and diverse spiritual experiences; it is home to a number of sects, spiritual traditions, beliefs and practices which date back way before many popular religious faiths and practices we know of today. Among the various sects in India, one in particular sect stands out due to its unique spiritual practices and rituals, which most people would consider extreme, or even weird; The Aghori.

The term Aghori is Sanskrit word which can loosely be translated as “fearless” or “not difficult”; the two words which define and embrace the sect’s unique ways of devotion. The Aghoris are staunch devotees of the Hindu god of destruction Lord Shiva.

Some of the unique ascetic practices identified with the Aghori Babas include: consumption of human flesh from dead bodies, eating and drinking from human skulls of human heads, raw animal sacrifices, consumption of human waste (faeces) and garbage and any other thing that most people would consider gross or a taboo.

To be an Aghori, means to overlook what most people would see and perceive as fear, gross, or distinct from anything and everything. They believe that all things originate from one source: God. Aghoris don’t discriminate anything or anyone, they neither love nor hate, they simply accept things as they are. This is because they believe that once you discriminate anything or anyone, it is like you discriminate God who is the source of all things and resides in all things.
If you think about it, this concept can help you get through a lot of situations and challenges in life. Many are the times that we get impatient, hold grudges, become unnecessarily aggressive towards other people or things simply because they fall out of alignment with our expectations. But how if at times we learn to lower our expectations of people and things and learn to accept things and situations as they are with the knowledge that the creator who is the source of everything and resides in all things can only present those things that we deem undesirable only if it is part of his divine plan. Wouldn’t this school of thought make our life’s journey a little easier or a little less hectic?

Much as some of us would abhor or look down on some of the practices by the Aghori, there ir a lot of things we could learn from them. We usually take ourselves through mental strain and torture and take other people through the same for example when we insist on exercising our distinctions and preferences even on things that we shouldn’t. We act and feel superiors to others simply because of their gender, age, race, nationality, religious background, or social class. If an Aghori can consume the most despicable thing you can imagine of as a way of expressing their love to the divine in form of acceptance to its creation, what is so difficult in you accepting for example, another human being no matter how gross or despicable their nature is. Won’t you agree with me that life would be a little better if we adopt such a mentality, that for even the worst situation or people there is some good to be found only if we accept them as they are by switching our perspectives.

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