Angels Are Watching Over Us

Angels are real and they exist among us. This is a fact I can personally attest to owing to deep spiritual experiences that I continue to have in my personal life. I am sure there many people out there who have gone through radical spiritual experiences and situations and prevailed, and there was no rational answer on how they sailed through, the closest answer they could find was that it was only through divine intervention.

Angels are light divine beings, created by God to serve him, and whose primary purpose here on earth is to act as an intermediary between us mortal beings and the Divine Creator; think of them as messengers of God and protectors of the divine realm.

The mention of angels is more pronounced in some religious scriptures than others. And even in those scriptures and religious practices where their mention is less or indirectly pronounced, there is still some element of their recognition, but through other names and forms. In Hinduism for example, whose roots are pegged on one universal soul; Brahman who is an embodiment of a pantheon of various deities identified with the faith, there are no angels in a typical western fashion, what they have instead, are Devas or “shining ones” who are defined as winged beings whose purpose is to help people.

In Islam, it is stated that the Holy Quran (Islam’s authoritative book on spiritual matters) came about as result of revelations to its foremost prophet; Prophet Muhammad by Angel Jibril (Angel Gabriel). And in the bible, the mention of angels is also more pronounced and is witnessed in several accounts both in the old and the new testament; for instance in the old testament, three angels appear to Abraham, revealing to him that that both him and his wife Sarah will bear a child despite their advanced ages. They also fore-tell of the destruction of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. And in the New Testament, we are told of an episode that takes place on Jesus tomb following his crucifixion and burial, of the angel who descends from heaven and notifies Mary Magdalene and Mary Mother of James of Christ’s resurrection. These are just a few of the significant ways Angels have been mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.

There is always a misconception by some people that angels are only protectors of little children and that they distance themselves from us as we grow. This is partly true; while they are fierce protectors of little children, they are also part and very active in our adult lives as well, in fact throughout our earthly lives. They are involved in every area of your lives- from your homes, to your businesses, to your places of work, and everywhere else to an extent where you allow them to.
We must wake up to the fact that God has provided for us supernaturally. Angels have been sent to do things that we cannot do in our present circumstances and it is important that we accept this fact and allow them into our lives to intervene in the many situations that we face day to day. In the bible the book of Psalms 91:11-13 states thus:

“God shall put his angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands to keep you from hurting your feet on the stones. You will trample down lions and snakes, fierce lions and poisonous snakes.”

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