Islamic Laws on Gambling

Islam prohibits any game which has an element of betting or gambling in it. According to Islam’s foremost prophet; The Prophet Muhammad, it is unlawful for any Muslim to indulge in gambling as a means to earn a living or for recreation purposes. The Prophet then goes ahead and states that he who urges a friend to indulge in gambling must give to charity as penance, for it is considered a grave sin not only to self indulge in the habit of gambling, but also to urge others.

The reason why gambling is prohibited in the Islamic faith is clearly outlined as follows;

Earning a living as a Muslim must be in strict adherence to Allah’s directions. One should be able to apply natural laws and direct means to earn a living as well as to attain their goals and desires. Gambling on the contrary, makes a person dependent on luck and empty wishes, drawing him further away from honest labor, productive effort, and serious work.
According to laws of the Islamic faith, an individual’s property is considered sacred; therefore taking a person’s property through unlawful exchange is considered Haram (unlawful/illegal)

Gambling is compulsive; when a gambler loses on their bet, they feel compelled to play again in the hope of winning to offset previous losses. On the other hand, a gambler who wins on their bet is compelled to play some more to enjoy the pleasure of winning, driven by greed for more. And when luck changes hands as it is bound to do from time to time, and the winner and the loser switch places, the joy initially experienced by the winner is replaced by the bitterness of loss, and he is compelled to play to recover his losses, and the initially loser, now on a streak, is driven by greed to play some more. And the vicious cycle continues, sucking in the gamblers on this habit, unable to control their compulsion and impulses.

Because of gambling addiction, individuals drawn to the habit of gambling are prone to become non-productive members of the society and degenerate to parasites that consume but do not produce. Who take but do not give. Moreover, due to deep indulgence in gambling, the gambler neglects his obligation towards God as well as his duties towards the society. It therefore follows that a gambling addict sells his self respect , religion and the society for the sake of the gambling table since devotion to gambling dulls his sense of values and over-rides all other devotions.

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