The Story of A Guru, A Mouse, and A Lion

A 50 kg bar of gold is a very valuable product which can fetch a lot of hard cash in exchange. If you would offer it to someone, then no doubt you would change their material fortunes for the better. But if you offer the same bar of gold to a tiny ant, not only would it not know its value, but it would also crash under its weight.

As human beings we are still evolving, some of us however, are more evolved than others, that is why we are able to handle ourselves and the things we do, as well as those provided to us by God in a certain way. Some of us though, are not as evolved, that is why we somehow find it difficult to handle ourselves and our responsibilities properly.

Life is a learning curve where some people are slightly advanced than others in terms of perception and understanding. For instance, we cannot all be leaders. There are people with appropriate understanding and knowledge who can handle themselves properly if given such positions. Then there are those with no proper understanding or knowledge, but who can quickly learn on the job and make a good account of themselves. Then there are those who if given such positions, will make a mess of themselves and those around them. Of these three, we can say that the first two are more evolved than the latter.

A mythical story is told of an ancient sage who used to carry out spiritual practices in a cave on the mountains. It so happened that within the same cave there lived mouse and its children. A certain stray cat used to come by the cave to terrorize either the mouse or its children. The ensuing commotion between the cat and the mouse was so much so that it often distracted the sage from his regular spiritual practices. After giving it much thought, the sage came up with a solution which put the drama between the cat and the mouse to an end.

Using his rishi powers, the sage turned the mouse into a cat so that when the stray cat came by on its next round it would find another cat instead of a mouse which would then stop it from ever coming back to the cave. The sage’s idea worked, and the stray cat never returned. But then another problem showed up. A stray dog started showing up whose intention was to get rid of the cat. The sage however, applied the same idea as before and turned the cat which was initially a mouse into a fierce dog, so the stray dog never returned. But again another problem showed up, this time it was a lion which came around with an intention to kill the dog. So the sage turned the dog, which was once a mouse, than a cat, and now a dog into a lion. So the lion left and never showed up again.

So from a mouse to a lion, it left the cave and started to roam the jungle. But the problem was that much as it was lion, it still had the mentality of a mouse. So it used to tell itself some insecure things like, “Who am I kidding strutting around pretending to be a lion while in fact deep inside I am just a mouse.” But then an idea came up and it thought, “The only person who knows I was originally a mouse is the sage, If could just go back to the cave and kill him, the secret of who I really am would never spill out.” But the sage intuitively knew of the lion’s plan to come kill him, so suing the same powers he had, he transformed it back to a mouse. The sage came to a realization that you cannot quicken the evolutionary process; there is a reason why things are the way they are, and whenever you step in to intervene, you will just be standing in the way of nature, which might end up consuming you.

We receive things from the great cosmic order in accordance to our level of grace, evolution, and receptivity. If you give something to someone which they are not evolved enough to handle or mentally prepared to receive, you might end up hurting them and hurting yourself as well in the process.

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