Curses.. Spells.. Incantations

A curse from a spiritual perspective can be looked at in two ways: It can be a solemn utterance by someone directed towards someone else (maybe out of enmity or jealousy) with an intention that a misfortune or ill luck befalls them. The second definition is more or less similar to the first one but with a slight variation in that; an individual can curse another through appeal to a supernatural power that ill fortune befalls them. When we refer to someone as cursed, what we actually mean is that there is a supernatural power subliminally hovering over their lives causing unpleasant things to happen to them.

Curses on a person don’t need to have necessarily come from individuals they have offended or who are envious of them. A curse can be a generational curse arising from your parents, grandparents or ancestors who probably at some point were cursed in their lives, a type of curse that is imposed on your lineage which is not necessarily a fault of yours. A curse can attach itself on an individual following their visit to a religious or a cultural site which has been cursed and the curse follows any individual who visits the site by design or by default. Someone can be a victim of a curse through possession of an object or property which has been cursed and which ends up affecting them simply through ownership or possession of the object or property. A curse can befall someone through association to an individual who has been cursed or who has undergone spiritual rituals to protect them from real or imagined enemies (spiritual or otherwise); ever been around someone and things just stopped working right for you, where it was one bad break after another, it could be a sign that you have been cursed through association with this individual or a group of individuals.

If a big portion of the time you are vibrating in a state of confusion, unhappiness, constant frustrations, feelings of futility, bad breaks, conflicts, unexplained misfortunes, poverty, fear, lack of self belief, and elements along this line which have no substantial basis, then chances are that you are under a curse, a spell, or a hex.

A curse can be imposed on an individual directly or indirectly through various means. Some of the common ways through which a curse can be imposed on someone include; prayers, spells, magic, or witchcraft.

For a curse to be effectively broken or reversed, it would require that the same method that was used to impose it be the same method used to reverse or break it. This therefore implies that a curse imposed through prayer or magic can only be effectively reversed through prayer or magic. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be so; a curse imposed through magic can be effectively reversed through prayer depending on a number of factors like; the level potency of the curse imposed, or the strength of the prayer being chanted to reverse the curse. A curse imposed through acts of magic like sorcery can also be effectively reversed by returning it to the sender, this way, the victim completely absolves  themselves from the curse. But this method can sometimes prove to be challenging because there are those perpetrators who know how to protect themselves from the curse or spell coming back to affect them. The best way through this therefore is to break oneself from the curse using the methods initially outlined above.

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