Spiritual Awakening: Four Signs You are Having a Spiritual Calling

A Spiritual calling can show up unexpectedly and is normally unwanted or rejected by the recipients. But when it shows up, it cannot be simply wished away; the sooner you are able to accept and embrace it the better and easier your transition would be.

So how do you know whether the mixed emotions you are experiencing are simply raging hormones, momentary mood swings, a desire to escape from your obligations and responsibilities, or a spiritual calling beckoning you to get serious and embark on a spiritual mission. For you to make a clear distinction, the following signs point out that it is more likely to be a spiritual calling:

(i) Great Sense Of Responsibility

When the time comes for you to embark on a spiritual journey, there is always this overwhelming sense of responsibility. It is as if a heavy load has been placed on your shoulders, and which you are expected to deliver at some unknown destination, but that you are expected to deliver anyway as a matter of urgency. It is as if the redemption of a people is counting on your delivery of this load placed on your meek shoulders. A spiritual calling has this ominous feel about it; a sense of overwhelming journey lying ahead. However, in spite of all the worrisome and overwhelming sense of responsibility, there is always a profound desire to embark on it.

(ii) A scary but familiar feeling

Many of us are familiar with the story of a man called Jonah from the bible, who was called by God to prophesy on the destruction of Nineveh. Jonah was so scared of his divine mission that he attempted to escape; he tried to run from his calling. Yet this is how a spiritual calling feels like to many people; scary.

The scary feeling when one is spiritually called is usually accompanied by elements or sensations of de-ja-vu (a familiar feeling). There are sources which indicate that prior to being born, our higher selves, together with our spiritual guides normally create a plan, a blueprint on how our life journey would be while here on earth, the objective being to shed off karma and the life lessons we need to learn in order to bring us closer to God. This theory explains the feeling of de-ja-vu when the time comes to embark on a divine mission. Many people who have had intense spiritual experiences say that it is like listening to the voice of your soul.

(iii) A Feeling of an End to Your Current Journey

A story is told of Lord Krishna who at the verge of enlightenment struggled with accepting his divine mission and abandoning the familiar life he had been used to. When His guru Sandipani told him that his life mission and purpose was bigger than just playing around in the village, Krishna argued that He didn’t need any greater purpose in life, and that all he ever wanted was to lead a simple life in the village with the cows, and the cowherds, and the gopis, and sing and dance with them. However with a little more convincing and self reflection, He embraced his mission with grace.

When you are called on a spiritual mission, it feels as though your current path has come to end. Some people struggle to accept this. When the calling comes you somehow feel detached to what has been known and familiar to you until this moment of your life. The things that once made you happy and excited now feel empty and strange.

(iv) Mystical Experiences

A Spiritual Calling sometimes shows up in form of mystical experiences. All of a sudden you start experiencing a lot of synchronicities in your life. You begin to develop a feeling that nothing happens by coincidence, rather, everything is part of a divine plan elaborately placed on your path for a purpose; a higher purpose that you cannot fore-see or fore- tell until much later when you look back and understand why things had to happen the way they happened.

I remember one night when I had a strange dream that my dad was urging me to visit a certain medical institution. Even though I could not physically see him in person, his voice was persistently urging me to get to the medical centre as a matter of urgency. When I woke up and checked the clock it was 2:30am. Later in the day, at around 11am, I received a phone call from my maternal cousin informing me that his dad (my uncle) fell seriously ill at night and that they rushed him to the hospital when I asked him what time they went to the hospital he said 2:30am. The kind of mystical experiences I am talking about.

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