Telepathy can loosely be translated as the transfer of thoughts, feelings, desires, or sensations by means other than the common senses. Also known as ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception), or Paranormal Cognition which basically refers to the brain’s capacity to receive information through a distinct mechanism of transmission other than the five known senses.

On 19th of July 1942, the New York Times shared an interesting article touching on a telepathic experience by Sir Hubert Wilkins, an Australian adventurer and explorer; Sir Wilkins had been commissioned by the Russian government to lead an aerial search of a group of Russian flyers who had crashed on the Alaskan side of the North Pole. Prior to his departure from New York, Sir Wilkins met Harold Sherman, and together, the two men decided to put mind-to-mind communication to a scientific test. It was agreed that Wilkins, in the course of his expedition, as a separate experiment from his rescue mission, would transmit thought-messages to Sherman at pre-determined times. They both agreed to keep records of each session, with Wilkins noting his thought messages as the sender, and Sherman playing his role as the recipient by recording his mental impressions of messages received. At the end of the expedition, Wilkins returned to the United States where he again met Sherman so that they could compare their diaries. The result was an 80 percent accuracy leading to the conclusion that thought-messages could successfully travel across 3400 miles.

In another incident bearing the same qualities of telepathy as the one demonstrated above, Deepak Chopra, a renowned Indian-American author, shares in one of his books ‘Meta-Human’, the story of a young woman who approached him during a science and consciousness forum he was attending. After introducing herself, the young woman told him that she was writing a graduate thesis on communicating with birds. On further inquiry, the young woman told him that it was easier to practically show her as opposed to oral explanation. She then asked Deepak Chopra to step outside with her so that she could practically demonstrate. They both stepped outside and sat quietly on a bench; the young woman then looked up at a tree nearby where some birds were seated. Suddenly one of them flew down and landed unafraid on her lap.

The festival of Kumbh Mela is big cross cultural event among the various Hindu sects, it is normally held in India every 12 years. The festival is such a spectacular feat that it usually attracts pilgrims and regular visitors from virtually all corners of the globe. Word has it that yogis belonging to various Hindu sects usually communicate through telepathy to set dates and other details when the festival is close.

Early psychic researchers used wireless telegraph and radio as good examples when trying to explain how telepathy could be possible. They used these examples to point out that it is possible for information to be transmitted instantly across a large distance. They then posed a question that if a crude apparatus such as a radio could attain such a miraculous feat, what about man who has highly evolved sense capabilities and advanced mental faculties.

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