The Exorcism of Mother Theresa

Saint Theresa, commonly known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a Roman Catholic nun well known for her benevolent missions in India and beyond. She was born on the 26th August 1910 in Kosovo Vilayet. Her parents Nikola and Drana Bojaxhiu named her Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. The Bojaxhius whose ethnic origin was Albanian, were devout Catholics who regularly attended the Sacred Heart, a Roman Catholic Church based in their hometown of Vilayet. Mother Theresa was thus introduced to the church at an early age and it was in that same environment that she grew up in.

On turning 18, Mother Teresa made a decision to become a nun; she opted to join the Sisters of Loreto based in India. She had known about their existence through Father Jambrekovic, a young Jesuit priest serving in her home church. On September 26 1928, Mother Teresa bid her family farewell at Zagreb Yugoslavia and embarked on the journey of her life calling.

On arrival to India, Mother Theresa set upon her designated mission work, rather the task that she had been assigned to by the Church, which was to pursue a diploma in education and teach in one of the Catholic schools based in India.
Even though life at the school was quiet and comfortable, there was still some discontentment in her heart. Mother Teresa’s initial calling and desire to be able to directly serve the poor, persistently lingered in her mind; something she referred to as a call within a call.

Mother Theresa finally gave in to the nagging calls within her to go and directly serve the poor. She therefore sought permission from the Vatican in Rome to leave the mission she had been assigned by the church and set up her own order while still under the church banner.

The Vatican granted Mother Theresa her request and in 1948 she formally embarked on her mission to help the poor. In 1950 she received canonical recognition from the Holy See, for a new congregation, The Missionaries of Charity. In the ensuing years Mother Theresa’s order would expand its establishments not only in India but across the world.

Even though Mother Theresa is mostly known for her fight in helping the poor and other benevolent missions, there is another side of her life that had been kept away from the public until recently. During the fourth anniversary of her death, Henry D’Souza, the archbishop of Calcutta, made shocking revelations that Mother Theresa had had an exorcism performed on her.

Henry D’Souza revealed that shortly before her death in 1997, Mother Theresa had been taken ill and admitted at a hospital in which he (D’souza) had also been an admitted patient. In the course of Mother Theresa’s treatment at the hospital, something strange happened, the hospital staff noticed that she was having difficulty sleeping at night but was very calm during the day. After the medical staff at the hospital established that they could not ascertain the condition behind this strange pattern, they notified D’Souza about it who after a short reflection concluded that the only rational explanation behind this pattern was that it was an attack by the devil; she was possessed.

Consequently, and with the nun’s consent, Henry D’Souza sought the services of an exorcist and made arrangements to this effect. The exorcist, a priest of the Catholic Church soon arrived at the hospital. The priest then indulged in a session of exorcism and prayer in which the nun also participated. Father D’Souza then revealed that after this session that Mother Theresa slept peacefully almost like her bouts of sleeplessness had magically disappeared.

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