The Law of Attraction

A fundamental universal law in getting what we want or manifesting in our life experiences the objects of our desire is “The Law of Attraction.” This law states that we attract into our lives anything that is consistent with our dominant thoughts and feelings. For instance, if your dominant thoughts and feelings are inclined towards material abundance and prosperity, you will attract into your life material abundance and prosperity; if your dominant thoughts and feelings are about lack and poverty, or aggression and violence, you will attract these things into your life and life experiences.

In Science, the field of quantum physics states that everything is energy vibrating on different levels of frequency. Different things, places, and people are ever vibrating on different frequencies of energy, and this makes a substantial difference in explaining how things and people are how they are, and where they are. A church, a temple, or a mosque, is on a different level of vibration in terms of energy compared to a brothel, a morgue, or the inside of a maximum prison facility. This principle explains why you are there and I am here; you attract experiences, places, things, and people that are in the same vibration frequency as you are.

The point I am trying to convey is that your vibrational frequency is a sum product of your dominant thoughts and feelings. This is to say that merely thinking about a desired outcome is not enough; your thoughts over a desired outcome have to be so intense that they effect how you feel and ultimately your state of being.

In the Bible, the book of Mark 11:24 states that whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. If your desire is to attract into your life a status of peace, abundance, and prosperity, other than diligently working towards attaining such a status, you must move beyond merely thinking about it as a means to attract it, and actually feel the emotions you would feel once you have it, and be the sort of person you would be once you had it. You have to be in a state of mind of already being there, before actually getting there. This in a word explains the concept behind the universal law of attraction.

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