Three Scary Islamic Beliefs

The Islamic Religion is founded on the teachings of the Holy Quran (its holy scriptures) as recited by the religion’s foremost prophet; Prophet Muhammad. The Holy Quran holds the beliefs by which the Muslims abide by and revere. Some of these beliefs bear striking similarities to those of other religions more-so Abrahamic religions while others are completely distinct.

This article/post brings forth some Islamic beliefs which might be deemed by devotees from other religions as well as some faithfuls within the Muslim community as frightening or scary. These are the kind of beliefs based on the controversial subject of the existence and nature of supernatural beings from the underworld;

(a) The Jinn – According to Islamic theology, jinns (also djinn or genie) are invisible entities created by Allah (God) from a smokeless fire. The existence of jinn pre-dates the creation of mankind by thousands of years, meaning they existed even before the first human came into being. The core nature of jinn is that, much as some of them live among humans, they are totally invisible to the human eye but they can see us. There are some animals however, that can see the jinn; animals like dogs or donkeys can clearly spot a jinn. The Holy Quran reveals that the jinn are capable of changing form and can therefore transform themselves into the form either human beings or animals. Then there are those jinns which can fly therefore roaming from one place to another and those that are stationary and can only be found in particular places.

Some common characteristics between the jinn and human beings is that they are capable of thinking and reflecting; they also have the ability to chose between good and bad with some said to be pure devotees of Allah. Jinns living among mankind are referred to as aamar; the ones that harass the children are referred to as arwaah; then there are the evil ones which antagonize humans, these are referred to as Shaitan; finally, there are those which are extremely harmful, these are called afreet.

It is common to hear of a person possessed by Jinn. There are three primary reasons why a Jinn would want to a possess a human being; the first reason is that a Jinn that doesn’t like you for any reason would want to possess you so that it may antagonize you, the second reason is that a jinn can love you in a lustful kind of way and thus make this the grounds for possessing you, the third reason is that you could unintentionally inflict harm on the jinn, say by pouring hot water on a dry surface not knowing that a jinn is stationed in the same location, the jinn would want to get back at you for purposes of vengeance.

A jinn wanting to possess you does not necessarily mean that it can unless the conditions are ripe for it do so. The conditions that make it easy for a jinn to possess a human being are; extreme anger, extreme fear, being inattentive. The remedy for keeping a jinn at bay as taught by Prophet Muhammad is to utter the term Bismillahi (In the name of God, the merciful; a term uttered by Muslims prior to any undertaking)

(b) Iblis – In Islam, the term Iblis is used to refer to the devil also called Shaitan in singular or Shayateen, in plural. Iblis is a demonic creature who roams among man-kind to spread misery and pain on the human population. The narrative behind creation and origins of Iblis is similar to accounts stated in the Christian and Jewish bible on the origins of Satan; that he was originally an angel amongst the other angels in Jannah (heaven), however, the Jinn was cast out of Jannah because of showing disobedience to Allah. The Holy Quran states that Iblis is a jinn himself and holds a prime position in the realm of jinns. The iblis is also said to have transformation capabilities and can appear in the form of say a human being to carry out tasks like recruiting other humans to his side

(c) Dajjal– Is the Islam version of the anti-Christ. Muslims are warned by Prophet Muhammad through the Holy Quran to be wary of Dajjal; it is said that he is good at manipulating believers through lies. But what makes the Dajjal scary is the characteristics through which he is defined by. Prophet Muhammad tells believers that the key characteristic through which they will recognize the Dajjal by is the deformity in one of his eyes; according to the Prophet, one eye of the Dajjal will be festered such that it will resemble a floating grape. Other than that he will have no children and would publicly claim to be the Messiah. Incidentally, the Prophet foretold that the Dajjal will have the shayateen at his disposal; that he will use the devil and demons in executing his tasks. It is said that he will have some of the tricks and traits of the jinn, who are described to be stronger and faster compared to the human race.

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