Guardian Angels 101

The concept of angels walking among us can be found in scriptural texts of various religions, as well as other publications. On a practical basis however, the experience of angels existing among us depends on the beliefs of each individual, with some people attesting of their existence while others partially accepting or out rightly denying of their existence. Perhaps this concept can never be validated by hard solid facts, but better left to each individual to determine validity based on their belief system.

The most common of angels said to exist among us are the guardian angels. According to esoteric philosophy, guardian angels are deemed to be the closest spiritual beings to the human tribe whom they guide, guard, and escort from one incarnation to the next bearing the higher self. Ranks of other angels, distinct from guardian angels, often referred to as “choirs of angels” or “gods”, and which were known to spiritual teachers such as St. Thomas Aquinas, Dionysius the Areopagite among others, have become a little less familiar in recent times.

Angels are normally associated with heavenly messages by virtue of their direct divine connection with God. As messengers from the divine realm, Angels serve to remind us that we are never alone on our earthly journey and experiences, but that we are surrounded and lovingly protected by God through them. This concept offers hope and comfort to many individuals that even though they may be going through some difficult phases in their lives, they are never alone.

There are publications which indicate that the number of angels assigned to each human being may range from seven to nine depending on a number of factors; like say maybe the role that the incarnate soul is supposed to carry out in the course of their earthly experience. This group of angels assigned to an incarnate soul act as guardians, teachers, personal guides, and protectors; collectively, they are what we refer to as our guardian angels.
We have already established that the primary role of our angels is to watch over us, protect us and guide us. However, among the group of angels assigned to assist us on our earthly journey, there are those who assist us in executing our personal interests, hobbies, and talents in life. Then there are those angels among the group who have been assigned the specific role of walking with us on our soul path and assisting us to stay on that path.

Our guardian angels are there to ensure that we overcome the lessons we chose to learn prior to our incarnation and before moving to other challenging lessons. A section of the team of angels assigned to us are familiar with universal laws which they then apply in guiding us to resolve our karmic obligations. Then there are angels who are with us to simply instill joy and happiness in our lives, and those who stand in silence and comfort us as we embrace the challenges that life throws at us.

Guardian angels are with us at all times and never leave our side through-out our lives. In their spirit form, these guardian angels all look the same, they look like shimmering light. In some occasions however, they might assume form of a loved deceased family member or some other forms of incarnations that offer comfort to the soul incarnate; but deep down they are shimmering light.

Angels understand the demands of the human mind to label and identify everything it processes and thus to satisfy the quest of the human mind angels appear as specific shapes, images, and recognizable definitions that the human mind can embrace, label, trust, find comfort with, and even love without fear.

Angels who assist humans in their earthly experiences normally operate within the aura of an incarnate soul and are normally the voices heard giving directions when in a state of dreams; they are the voices heard giving guidance, revealing wisdom in subtle ways, and in quiet times during meditation and prayer; they instill hopes and dreams, they interject words of wisdom and a sense of well-being whenever necessary. Wherever you go, they are always with you. In summary, every human being has an assigned team of human friends, teachers, and loved ones who are committed to assisting the incarnate soul to achieve life lessons all through their life experiences.

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