Five Mysterious Places on Earth

The Earth is a beautiful planet with amazing features and wondrous places which exhibit the creative and mystical nature of our Creator. If you are the type that is fascinated and drawn to the mystical elements of this world then this article is for you; it brings to your attention some of the most intriguing spots from around the world. Check out the following:

The Rainbow Mountain

Also known as the Mountain of Seven colors’, the Rainbow Mountain is a spectacular brightly colored mountain donning several colors based in Peru. This Mountain was discovered in 2015 after snow covering it dissipated away to reveal the natural beauty lying underneath. Millions of tourists have since flocked this destination to witness the almost mystical geological discovery considered as a holy site by a section of Peruvians.

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The Chocolate Hills

Chocolate hills are a stunning unique range of hills found in the Island province of Bohol in the Philippines. The beautiful cone shaped hills are estimated to stretch across 50 square kilometers through the towns of Sagbayan, Carmen, and Bautan. The Chocolate Hills of Philippines derived its name from its strange yet unique formation and rich natural habitat which transforms into chocolate brown during dry months. A more unique aspect of these hills is the fact that they are only covered with grass and surrounded by trees at the base. Sources indicate that when viewed on top of the hill in Carmen town, the hills appear endlessly majestic as far as the eyes can see. It became a popular tourist attraction prior to the white sandy beaches of Panglao.

The Chocolate Hills stand out so much so that they have formally been recognized by the National Committee on Geological Sciences of the Government of Philippines, who declared them ‘The Philippines 3rd National Geological Monument’. The Committee reached the decision to recognize the hills as an important national geological monument because of its special characteristics, high scenic value, and scientific importance.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines
image credit: Alex Noel

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is a section of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America considered mysterious due to the nature of strange incidences that have occurred there; more than 20 airplanes and 50 ships are known to have mysteriously disappeared without a trace in this area; these strange and unexplained occurrences date back to the mid 19th centuryI In addition to mysterious disappearances of ships and planes, there are reports that people also mysteriously disappeared from vessels passing through the Bermuda Triangle, and the said vessels were found completely abandoned with no trace of single soul.  Recovery vessels that have made attempts to go on rescue missions have also disappeared in the process which then has given rise to supernatural explanations behind the mysterious disappearances.

The Bermuda Triangle, Rainbow, Ocean
image credit: chengtzf

Magnetic Hill Canada

The Magnetic Hill is a nondescript hill based in New Brunswick Canada. This hill is known for a mysterious spot which seems to defy the laws gravity. In the 1930s automobile drivers discovered a mysterious spot on this hill where if they took their feet off the brake pedal the car would roll uphill as opposed to rolling downhill. Some of the explanations given behind this strange phenomenon range across a paranormal spectrum of happenings; from ghosts to aliens and so on. The scientific explanation behind it however, is more strange compared to the conspiracy theories behind it. According to science, the uphill portion of the hill is an extension of the downhill portion misinterpreted by our brains because of how the slopes are situated combined with a little or no view of the horizon line.

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Marfa Lights Texas

In the town of Marfa in West Texas, mysterious glowing orbs can be seen flickering in the desert just outside the town. It is said that the mysterious glowing orbs, known as Marfa lights, vary in colors from yellow, to red, to blue, to white, and are roughly estimated to be the size of basketballs.

The timing and season of their appearance is unpredictable as they seem to appear under various weather conditions a couple of nights per year. Reportedly, they twinkle, hover, merge, split, float, or quickly dart across the skies.

Marfa lights were first discovered in 1883 by Robert R. Ellison, a cowboy who spotted them while driving a herd of cattle near Mitchell Flat. He initially thought that the lights were Apache Campfires, but on further inquiry , he realized that the area settlers had spotted the lights too but had found no evidence of a campfire.  It is even reported that during World War II, pilots from the adjacent Midland Army Air Field made attempts to locate the stars but failed to discover anything, neither has anyone ever found out what they actually are.

white and black house under blue sky during night time
Image Credit: Leonardo Corral

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