Five Common Pagan Symbols and Their Meanings

In contemporary Paganism, the different traditions apply the use of symbols in magic, or as part of ritual. Some symbols are used to characterize elements, others to characterize ideas. The following is a list of common Pagan and Wiccan symbols depicted through the feature image above and their meanings.


Air denotes intelligence and mental faculties, imagination, psychic abilities, the mind, ideas, dreams and inspiration; it dominates the aspect of magic which revolves around visualization. Air is considered a masculine element associated with spring and the Eastern direction. Other symbols that can be used in rituals when the element of Air is called for include; feathers, clouds, breeze, herbs, the wind, the sky, and some flowers. Instruments such as the flute and wand may be use to channel Air energy.

Air is also associated with numerous spirits and elemental beings known as sylphs; these winged creatures are related to powers of intuition and wisdom.

Work outdoors on a windy day, and allow the powers of air to assist you; embrace the energy of wind to fill you and to help you attain your goals. Visualize air currents carrying your troubles away and spreading positive thoughts to those far away.


Fire denotes change and is the most spiritual and physical of all the elements. Fire is considered a masculine element that is associated with the Southern direction; it can destroy and it can create, it is a purifying energy connected to strong will. In some Wicca traditions, fire represents the masculine aspect of the Divine. Fire is usually invoked through symbols such as incense, candles, burning objects, and love spells.


Water element is used as symbol in Paganism to denote cleansing and healing. It is considered a feminine element and is associated with the Western direction. Water is a receptive energy; it can easily be charged and enchanted and absorbs energy from its surroundings easily. Water is a dynamic embodiment of the subconscious emotional world, wisdom, and the soul; the inverted triangle symbol depicting the water element is associated with the womb, it is highly connected with aspect s of the Goddess.

Virtually every spiritual path applies the use of water as a symbol of purification, in-fact, holy water is basically regular water with a bit of salt (another symbol of purification) added to it, and a blessing said over it as a means to consecrate it. In most Wicca covens, holy water is used to sanctify the circle and all the tools within the circle.


Earth denotes strength and is also considered a feminine element associated with the Northern direction. Earth is manifested in wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Rituals invoking the earth element usually entail burying an object to infuse it with powerful energy to enhance wealth and good fortune.
The image of the Earth as a mother and a source of life appeals to most people; it is considered the ultimate symbol of the divine feminine. Some renowned deities associated with the element of Earth include Gaia who often represents the planet itself, and Geb, the Egyptian deity of land.

Spirit (Aether)

Spirit or Aether is a Universal element denoting the spirit world as well as individual spiritual entities; it is the element which exists in all things. The Spirit element is associated with The Triple Goddess and The Horned God; it connects all natural things and enables the world to exist in intricate harmonious balance.

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