Divination is the spiritual art or ability to foretell future events or to reveal the hidden meaning of a message or a situation through supernatural means. Though-out history, religious scriptures and spiritual aspects of various traditions, are replete with prophets or seers who were able to frequently deliver divine messages from the divine realm either to specific individuals or the general masses.

There are several methods through which divination can be done, people use these methods depending on their respective spiritual backgrounds, and what they want to achieve. Some of these methods include; Rune stones (Norse Runes), Numerology, Use of Pendulums, Automatic Writing, Unique Intuitive Ability.

The aim of this article is to explore, breakdown, and expound on Unique Intuitive Ability as a form of divination. This method uses an individual’s extraordinary ability to know things or foretell the future by tapping into their intuition. Some unique gifts used by individuals who have this ability are; clairvoyance, claircognizance, telepathy, clairsentinent, clairaudience, telepathy, retrocognition or postcognition.

Clairvoyance is not a typical unique intuitive ability per-se; rather, it is the faculty or the master system behind all forms of divination. In clear definition though, clairvoyance is defined as the power or ability to see events, objects, or actions beyond the range of natural vision.

An individual is said to be clairvoyant if they have developed sharp visual senses and are able to discern or foresee events which others cannot see. A good example of a clairvoyant is former American president Abraham Lincoln who is said to have accurately predicted his death a few days before his assassination. He had a dream that a thronging crowd in the Eastern room of the white house were mourning over a casket, on enquiring who was in the casket He was told it was the president (him). He shared this dream with his wife soon after. Days later he was shot dead.

Clair cognizance
This is the ability to know or predict something without basing it on a set of facts. Some people call it a gut feeling. Individuals with this ability simply know that they know without actually knowing how they know.
That feeling in your stomach.., that fleeting thought that just maybe.., that intuition that said…, Clues, Inklings, and Suspicions, are all typical examples of Clair cognizance.

Clair-audience is the psychic ability to hear voices like someone else other than you is talking inside your head; these voices are never tormenting or harsh like voices heard by people with psychological conditions, rather, the voices are assuring and calm, and almost always have the same tone.

Clients who go for readings to clairvoyant beings usually receive straightforward messages like; “wait until after graduation” or “go to a certain place tomorrow at noon” In essence, messages received via clairaudience are usually short and to the point. Sometimes it can only be one word or one number.

Clair-sentient is the energy or vibe you get from someone or out of a place or situation. When for instant you walk into a room and immediately feel a moody vibe or energy (common in hospital rooms) that is clairsentience at work. When you come across someone and whether you interact with them or not you feel energetic and vibrant, that is clairsentience at work. In short, Clairsentient can be defined as the ability to read and feel the emotions of others and the collective energy of a situation or place.

Telepathy is the ability to transmit messages from one person to another mentally. Someone is said to be telepathic if they have the ability to directly communicate thoughts from one person to another without any form of physical interactions. A typical example is when you are thinking about someone and out of the blues they called you stating they were just thinking about you. Or when you are thinking about the solution to a particular problem and someone who never even knew of your problem showed up with a perfect answer.

Retro cognition or Post-Cognition
Unlike the aforementioned divination methods, Retro cognition is the ability to discern past events that could not have been inferred or known through normal means. For instance if you retrocognitively purport that Adolf Hitler killed a bird, the only way of verifying that knowledge would be to consult extant sources of Hitler’s activities, if indeed it is found out that indeed he did kill a bird, it can be said that you were able to discern this fact through retro cognition

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