The Nine Choirs of Angels

Angels are divine beings of light created by God to serve Him on various tasks across the entire universe. Angels are organized and ranked into various categories depending on the complexity and the weight of tasks assigned to them and which they were created for.

Choir of angels is another term for ranks of angels; accordingly, there are nine choirs of angels. The following is a list and a breakdown on the nine choirs of angels and on overview of tasks assigned to them, from the highest rank to the lowest rank:

Seraphim– Are the highest orders of angels said to be the closest to God. Seraphim are said to have six wings which distinguish them from other ranks of angels and which act as a statement of their highest rank among other angels in the universe.

Sources indicate that the rank of Seraph was created after the fall of Satan as a reward to the remaining angels who had attained spiritual maturity.

Seraphim have two primary roles assigned to them;

-They are leaders of heavenly worship whose duty is to glorify God.
-They are angelic heralds who act as messengers between God and mankind.

Seraphim angels are described in the book of the Isaiah from the Christian bible as six winged beings that fly around the heavenly realm crying “holy, holy, holy, holy”

Cherubim– Common images of angels usually displayed by art designs as chubby children with wings and ‘cupid arrows’ are said to be a projection of Cherubim angels. The Cherubim rank is the second highest order of angels among the choirs of angels. Compared to the Seraphim whose distinction from other ranks is six wings; Cherubim are said to have four faces and four wings.

Adam, the first man had the primary responsibility of guarding the Garden of Eden, when he sinned and let the foul serpent through, he technically relinquished this role which was then given to the Cherubim. The Cherubim were therefore assigned by God to guard the way to the tree of life.

Thrones– Thrones are the bridge between the material and spiritual worlds and are a symbol of God’s fairness and justice; sources indicate that God sits on them while executing justice and uses them as a channel to administer justice. Thrones are considered especially wise and are said to work with angels of lower ranks by explaining divine wisdom behind the tasks that God assigns the lower rank angels.

Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones are clustered together as the triad of angels residing in the highest segments of heavenly realms.

Dominions– Dominions are the highest raked angels in the next or the middle cluster of angels. They are said to look like great glowing wheels covered with many eyes. Their primary role is to oversee, supervise or manage other angels in accordance to God’s will.

Virtues– Virtues rank just below Dominion angels. This rank of angels is also known as strongholds or angels of nature and is charged with the responsibility of governing over the natural aspect or the physical order of the entire Universe. They watch over the natural elements of the universe including; the sun, the moon, the stars, and every other planet including the earth. Virtues are also known for encouraging humans to solidify their faith in God.

Powers– As their name indicate are peaceful angelic warriors whose main responsibility is to sanctify the earth from lower energies and evil forces. These angels not only protect the cosmos from dark forces but extend their protection against these forces to the human race too. Powers are the guardians of history and the carriers of consciousness; they are the angels of birth and death.

Principalities– Are the highest ranked angels in the third or the lowest cluster of angels said to be the closest to earth. Their primary responsibility is to watch over the planet including countries, cities, churches, organizations, or a group of people. The purpose is to ensure God’s will of peace prevails on earth. Principalities protect and guide nations, cities, or organizations; they are the guardians and educators of the earth realm.

Archangels– Archangels is a term derived from the dream terminology archangelos which basically translates to ‘chief angel.’ Archangels are the overseers of guardian angels and humankind. Each archangel is equipped with a unique skill or specialty representing an aspect of God.

Guardian Angels– These are angels personally assigned to every soul incarnate prior to being born here on earth. The duty of each guardian angel is to watch over us and keep us safe from harm as we wade through our earthly journey. Their two primary roles are; to act as an intermediary between us and God, and to watch over us.

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