What’s Your Excuse

There is this gentleman I usually see next to where I live and who inspires me beyond words. I have never asked him his name, but one of these days I might; he is one of those people that you could refer to as a person with disability. This gentleman can barely walk; his legs and knees are bent in one direction making movement almost impossible for him, so he uses a metal iron curved in form of a walking stick to make his movements easier. His elbows, hands, and fingers are also bent in a certain way that makes it difficult for him to hold on to just about anything slightly heavy, but this doesn’t stop him. He is able to easily carry stuff around or rather he is used to. Also, his speech is slurred, making his words incoherent; again, this doesn’t stop him from freely expressing himself.

However, what strikes me most about this gentleman is that He is a salesman who walks from door to door with a range of products to sell. Yes you read that right, despite his apparent physiological disadvantages; he is a salesman who isn’t deterred from going about his business. He has a backpack carrying the range of products on sale, he uses both his hands to display the sample of products that he has on sale, and to make up for his slurred speech, he has this loudspeaker with pre-recorded messages of the items on sales together with their prices.

So I am thinking, this is one individual who has every reason to sit back and use his condition as an excuse to ask for financial help, and I am sure most people would rush in to offer some help, but he doesn’t, he would rather go buy products in bulk at a discount, and sell them at a small profit only so he could cater for his financial needs. If that is not amazing, tell me what is. This is someone who has all the reasons to sit by the streets and beg for handouts, but he would rather drag his products from door to door to try and make a sale.

How many people do you know who are able bodied with all their senses intact but who would sit around all day waiting for people do stuff for them. If you are reading this post and you are the type that procrastinates or know someone who does, who is always waiting for the “right time”, or the “right opportunity”, or the “right people”, to turn their ‘unfavorable’ situations around, then am asking you to take a moment and think about this gentleman.

If there is something that you have always wanted to do but rather than get on with the program, you are always looking for reasons to opt out or to postpone your agenda, take a moment and pause, and reflect on this gentleman who is giving his all towards life despite seemingly being at a disadvantage. He is applying his full potential using all that he has to at least make a step towards a direction of his choosing. No matter who you are, where you are, or the present circumstances you find yourself in, God has given you the permission and ability to apply yourself and live your life to its full potential. If the gentleman I have just made reference to can at least try to push himself to a direction of his choosing, what’s your excuse?

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