5 Signs You are Under the Spell of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a common practice in many societies across the world; it is a practice that has been around for many centuries as it continues to thrive now as it was then. The practice of witchcraft is uniquely distinct from one society to another depending on each society’s reasons behind its practice. One of the common reasons why people practice witchcraft is the need to seek supernatural intervention for their problems or challenges like; financial challenges, business prosperity or success, job loss and so on. But there is also another reason why people would seek the services of a sorcerer or a witch to administer a spell; these are people with ill motives who would wish that a spell be cast at the expense of other people’s well being, perhaps out of jealousy, anger, or revenge. If you happen to be an unfortunate recipient or a victim of magic spell intended to inflict harm on you, here is how you would know:

(a) Lethargy (Loss of Energy and Enthusiasm)

If you were once full of energy and enthusiasm towards life but you have now lost interest towards most things that mattered to you, or you are ever feeling tired and sleepy no matter how many hours you slept the previous night, or you are prone to gloomy, or negative, or suicidal thoughts, chances might be that it’s a hex.

(b) Financial Loss

If you are experiencing financial problems, or you have suddenly lost your job, or home, or any other form of monetary loss, the root cause might be a spell has been cast on you. If you are also experiencing long runs of misfortune or bad lack, the cause might be baleful effects of a jinx laid on you by an evil worker or sorcerer.

(c) Health Problems

If you are experiencing strange health problems, mental or physical; nagging headaches, strange allergies, sharp pains on one or different parts of your body (ribs, stomach, arms etc), phobias like (fear of heights, fear of leaving your house, fear of being in closed spaces and so on) as well as other inexplicable conditions might be the result of baleful conjure against you.

(d) Loss of Valuable Items

If your favorite piece of jewelry or any other expensive and valuable item has mysteriously gone missing or has inexplicably broken, there might be high chances that an ill omen is following you around; this extends to other items like damaged electronics or electrical items that have strangely gone faulty like flickering electrical bulbs and so on.

(e) Trouble Sleeping

If you wake up suddenly at night and you experience difficulties going back to sleep, there are chances that it could be a voodoo doctor targeting you with a bad gopher; maybe driving a pin into the heart of a voodoo doll, and that’s why you wake up with a heart-rending start.

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