5 Ways the Universe Communicates with You

Every moment, God, the Universe, our spirit guides, our guardian angels are trying to communicate with us, every moment. As we go through the many challenges that life presents at us we should bear in mind that we are never alone; the divine energy that guides the stars in the sky is also present in our very midst to guide us and see us through these challenges. One way it does this is by sending us subliminal messages, promptings, signs, people and things to provide a road-map through our circumstances and situations.

Anytime you are going through a trying experience, or lost on the direction you should take over a given situation, you should develop an attitude of being bold enough to ask God, the universe, or your spirit guides the meaning behind your suffering or the direction you should take with regards to your situation. If your sense of awareness is sharp enough, you will most likely receive an answer through subliminal means; but quiet often we miss the answer we are waiting for by virtue that we live in a physical world which in a way limits our ability to accept or to experience subliminal messages from God or Divine light (note that I am using the term God, Universe, Divine Light, Universal Truth, Divine Love synonymously). Below are some of the common ways that the Universe communicates with you:

(a) Through People
While going through some difficulty or challenge, a friend, a relative or a total stranger can through serendipitous means say something random that totally provides an answer or solution or a different perspective to the issue you are struggling with. This is one way the Universe can use someone or a group of people to answer a question you are struggling with.
Another way that the universe uses people to help you through a difficult situation is by getting them to be involved in your struggles and see you through them. At one point in time, I was living in a foreign country away from family and friends, I had no money, no place to sleep, no job; for three months I lived with total strangers who made sure I was fed and I had somewhere to sleep. I am forever grateful to God for using them as channel to see me through such a trying time. That was God providing an answer on how to go through the challenging situation I had found myself in.

(b) Synchronicity
Synchronicity is one of the powerful ways that the Universe communicates with us. I usually experience a lot of these by the way. Here is a another example;
I run a business that requires me to supply my clients with fresh products every day, then one day, without notice, my clients gradually began pulling out of their daily orders, reason? They weren’t selling as they had hoped for, I could not figure out why since this is a product consumed in large quantities on a daily basis, but I couldn’t just figure it out, there was no new competition along my supply line so I simply couldn’t understand why. I turned to God to offer me guidance on what to do. After short time I started noticing banners and stickers consistently displaying signs on counseling and psychology and school and college and so on.
Then I remembered that one of my goals has been always to go back to school to study psychology so that I could help others through their mental and emotional issues. I run this blog and a face book page whose objective is to help people through spiritual and psychological issues. It only makes sense that I go back to school so that I can professionally address these issues. The moment I made an enquiry on the college and psychology course, and paid my first installment on tuition fees, business began flowing seamlessly once more. How would you explain that, Coincidence? I think not.

(c) Through Songs
I don’t know about you but I think this is also a common channel through which the Universe communicates with us. If a song repeatedly plays in your head, or you hear a song repeatedly playing on radio, television or through other media, or someone close by repeatedly sings a particular song, it would be better if you paid attention to the song, more-so the lyrics as these could mean that the universe is trying to pass some important information to you.
If it is a song that triggers a past memory, like childhood, wedding, or a song you used to like as a teenager, then you should interpret the meaning from that perspective.

(d) Through Numbers
Same number sequence like; 111, 444, 777, is one of the huge ways that the Universe, God or our spirit guides are trying to pass a particular message subliminally. These numbers are commonly referred to as angel numbers to imply that our guardian angels or spirit guides are trying to relay a message from the divine realm to guide us through a situation we are involved in.
These numbers usually appear randomly in random places eg car plates, clocks, door numbers, page numbers etc. The more we see them, the more we should pay attention on the message that might be there for us in relation to a situation we are going through.

(e) Through Miracles
If you have been praying or meditating towards something and you finally receive it through means other than convenient or ordinary. This is the Universe communicating to you through answered prayer and at the same time asking you to always trust in its magic and divine timing always. Through clear intentions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions towards objects of our heart desires, we are likely to manifest anything we have always wanted. The internet is awash with people testifying on how they have manifested objects if their desires through setting clear intentions, affirming, and having unquestionable faith on their quest.

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