Spirit Animals

Most races and ethnicities from across the world hold superstitious beliefs when it comes to some animals. There are animals for example that are seen as a symbol of good luck or good fortune while others are believed to signify ill fortune like death, sickness, famine or poverty. Depending on where you come from, different animals have different meanings in terms of their presence and symbols.

Away from superstitions and beliefs, there is a different concept about a set of animals that is believed are meant to guide us through life dynamics, the same way our guardian angels and spirit guides do. In fact it is believed that sometimes, it is our guardian angels and guardian spirits who work through these animals to convey messages meant for us from the divine realm. These kinds of animals are referred to as spirit animals. Different people have different spirit animals; usually spirit animals take the form of an animal that is protective for you, easy for you to learn from or easy for you to be approached by and so on. The following, is a list of seven common spirit animals and their meanings.

(a) Butterflies
A butterfly as a spirit animal is said to signify transformation or changes in your life. When butterflies repeatedly appear to you that you strongly notice their presence, it implies that there are impending changes about to enter your life, it means you might have to undergo some uncomfortable stages as you let go of parts of your life that no longer serve you to create room for a new emerging version of you. Instead of being scared, you should instead focus on the beauty of becoming; stop taking yourself too seriously and instead choose to be loving, playful, and joyous, and you will soon understand the miracle that your soul wants to experience through you.

(b) Spider
Spiders are known for their intricately woven complicated webs and patience in feeding on their prey; as spirit animals they serve as a reminder that good things take time. After you have done the hard work, it is time to be patient and wait for the fruits of your hard labor. If you consciously notice a continuous encounter with spiders in your life it probably could be a reminder for you to create the kind of life that you will be happy living.

Constant presence of spiders in your life could also mean that it’s time to take a fresh perspective on whatever it is that you are working on; perhaps even a different perspective from your different way of thinking and doing things.

(c) Cat
The Cat no doubt is a common spirit animal. If a cat shows up in your life in an uncommon way, it could be signifying that it is a period where trust and self sufficiency in your abilities is necessary. The presence of a cat as spirit animal might be urging you to pay attention to your intuitive guidance as it is likely an ancestor who is part of your spirit guides is trying to convey a message. During this period you should trust that whatever it is that you have let go, be it relationships, material possessions, or self defeating habits will soon be replaced with something better or more suitable for you.

(d) Hummingbird
Despite its small size, the hummingbird is capable of some of the most amazing feats like travelling over long distances or flying backwards. As a spirit animal, the hummingbird signifies lightness of being and enjoyment of life. When a hummingbird recurrently appears in your life it could be a reminder to take an easy approach towards life, to drop the serious outlook and adopt a more playful nature. By getting in touch with our playful side, we are able to ultimately connect with what really matters in our lives, be it our loved ones or our higher selves.

(e) Owl
The owl as a spirit animal means different things to different people. Among some African tribes like the Luo, when an owl perches on a tree or anywhere else inside the home compound, it signifies death. In this context therefore, it is considered a spirit animal of ill fortune.

Other people however, believe that the owl has a sharp intuition and therefore is able to see what others cannot. For this reason the owl is associated with deep knowledge and wisdom. It is said that when you repeatedly come across an owl it might mean that you are going through a period in your life where you are going through a transition or exploring the unknown; it therefore comes to guide you through this transitory phase of your life.

(f) Bat
If a Bat as a spirit animal shows up in your life in unique ways, it could be a sign from the universe that you release those habits that no longer serve you and adopt changes that have been long overdue. The situation that you are facing is a necessary part of your growth and an initiation into a much more spiritually inclined life.

(g) Eagle
Eagles signify light, spirit, and healing-healing yourself so you can re-connect deeply to your spiritual path. If an Eagle repeatedly shows up in your life in uncommon ways, then this might imply that it is time to reconnect to your spiritual path. Eagles are here to remind us to rely more on our intuition as opposed to our rational mind or the outside world

Note that the presence of these animals is there to guide us or intervene for us during the various phases we undergo during our existence. Believing in them or not does not restrain potency or relevance it only limits our knowledge. As humans and mere mortals it is easy to forget that there is always a universal force or power that watches over us, protects us, and guides us. Everything we experience in life, good or bad, bears a lesson to be learnt. Guides therefore, are here to show us how to get back on track, and to remind us that we are loved, and to urge us to play, create, nurture, and connect.

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