6 Common Signs That You Are Spiritually Gifted

Among us are people endowed with spiritual gifts in different capacities. These people are more energetically charged than others and for that reason are capable of a lot more than your average human. Spiritual gifts could also be hidden deep within us only that we haven’t realized them yet. It takes grace, our willingness and cooperation with divine love to realize that we have these gifts and to be able to use them in ways that they were intended to be used in the first place. Below, I am going to go through some of the common signs that could indicate that you are endowed with spiritual gifts:

(a) Spiritually gifted people are sensitive to different energies and auras

This is usually a common sign of a person with spiritual gifts. For instance, a person with a spiritual gift will walk into a room and feel either the dense energy or the light energy within that room. They could easily tell that something is off within a particular space; rather if something is not right within the room or space. Added on to the gift sense different energies in different spaces by spiritual gifted people is their ability to detect auras or energies of the different people they come into contact with. They are able to sense other people emotions and the auras that surround them. An aura is an invisible electromagnetic frequency that encircles an object or a being. People in harmony with their spiritual gifts can read auras surrounding individuals and tell if a person is unwell, disturbed, or on a higher vibration. An aura can also be said or looked at as a person’s spiritual overcoat.

(b) Empathy

Empathy is another common sign of a spiritually gifted person; the encyclopedia of social psychology defines empathy as the ability to understand another person’s experiences by putting yourself in their place. In other words, empathy is the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes. But the interesting thing about empathy is that virtually everyone can identify with it; for instance you will empathize with a homeless beggar along the street, or with a mother struggling with her toddler in a grocery store, or with a person who has just lost a loved one. We have all had such experiences, but what really distinguishes a spiritual empath from a person with ordinary empathetic experiences.

Spiritually gifted people are heavily impacted by the world around them. Usually, they are highly empathetic, experiencing the emotional and even physical suffering of others as if it were their own; they are so aware of the sufferings in the world that they find it selfish or impossible to pursue their own happiness. This gift is what makes empath a source of support for others and their issues because they can fully identify with others’ problems and issues and therefore sometimes offer effective solutions.

(c) Lack of Sleep at Night Especially in the Witching Hour

People with spiritual gifts normally find it difficult to sleep or find their sleep disrupted between 3.00am and 4.00am otherwise known as the witching hour. This specific time of the day is believed to be tye time where spiritual activities are at their peak. There is an upsurge of spiritual activities and awareness during this hour. If your sleep is normally disrupted during this hour of the day, it could be a hint that you are spiritually gifted. If you happen to be such a person, instead of running away from this fact or freaking out, you should instead do something that will either enhance or contain your spiritual gifts lie either prayer or meditation.

(d) Animals are drawn to them

Animals have heightened senses of feel compared to humans; they are able to sense emotions like fear, anger, or kindness. Because of these, they can easily sense our aura which automatically draws them towards someone who is spiritually gifted. What attracts them is the high vibrations and the spiritual energies of these people; in other words, they feel protected and safe in the company of people with spiritual gifts.

(e) Their emotions affect their physical surroundings

Spiritually gifted people sometimes vibrate at a high energy likely to affect their surroundings. When their emotions are intense, fragile objects nearby can break or electronics may stop working. Even animals can at weird when they sense the strong emotions of such people; like cats staring or dogs barking for no apparent reason. Plants may wither or flourish in their presence depending on their energy and emotions.

(f) People with spiritual gifts usually attract strangers and wacky people

People endowed with spiritual gifts most often attract strangers and people deemed as ‘odd’ or ‘crazy’ by the society who need help or healing, whether it is emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental. There are sources which indicate that some of these people aren’t ‘crazy’ as most people label them, rather, they are enlightened individuals who haven’t realized this fact yet and therefore what they need is guidance from someone more illuminated. So they subconsciously gravitate towards people endowed with spiritual gifts.

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