The Dark Side of Spiritual Awakening

The whole idea behind embarking on a spiritual journey is so that the individual soul gets to be in harmony with God. To be in harmony with God means to be one with Him; to walk and act according to His will, to acknowledge and embrace His divine plan for your journey here on earth, and to possess and mirror His qualities and attributes which essentially is made up of unconditional love, grace, patience, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and so on.

For it to be seen or said that an individual soul is aligned to God’s purpose, rather the soul or individual is spiritually awakened; the individual or the soul has to accept and be in alignment with the aforementioned qualities of Divine truth. To get to this level of alignment with the Divine is lengthy process that requires consistent work and commitment towards its attainment. This is why it is called a spiritual journey, because it has intricacies, though different in nature, which resembles the characteristic of any other journey.

Now, we are all aware of the fact that every journey has its inherent challenges; this is also true for the spiritual journey which has a bright side to it, but also a dark side. The bright side is the blissful unending joy, the liberation from karmic bondage, and the ultimate re-union with Divine light. The dark side on the other hand, can get really dark. There are real life accounts of people who have undergone bouts of depression or gone outright insane during the dark periods in their spiritual journey.

I am quite sure that most of us have come across the term ‘the dark night of the soul,’ well for those who haven’t, let me break it down for you. The dark night of the soul is that stage in spirituality where a spiritual seeker struggles with elements of sadness, frustration, depression etc. in the midst of their spiritual journey. It is more like an identity struggle between the former life before embarking on the spiritual path and the journey to the unknown where doubts arise within the spiritual seeker on whether they have made the right choice to pursue the mystical path. During such a period, a spiritual seeker could easily plunge into deep depression or even worse.

Another dark spot which a seeker could encounter on their spiritual path is the fact that sometimes, especially for those who practice ancient mystical practices from the East, there are possibilities that the senses could be enhanced (like for instance, activation of the kundalini or the third eye) which might open some doors that cannot easily be shut. Some spiritual teachers have in the past shred with us that in the physical realm, we are surrounded by some entities (ghosts and spirits) that cannot be seen through the naked eye but only through enhanced senses. Therefore, spiritually enhancing the senses can be risky if done in an environment that does not have the proper support system to help the seeker cope with some of the things they might come across. A spiritual seeker can easily have a mental breakdown or even worse.

For those of us on this spiritual journey, it is important to be aware of some of the possible dangers and pitfalls likely to hinder or derail us form the path. We must also remember that it is important to stay grounded; if you stay too much focused on the spiritual aspect and practices to the exclusion of everything else, there is a high possibility that you could suffer from stress, depression, or even a mental breakdown. It is imperative that a seeker strives for balance between their spiritual life and the secular one. After all, as souls incarnated here on earth, part of the objective is to have human experience, always have this fact on mind.

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