Self Acceptance

The first step towards healing in any situation, circumstance, or challenge is acceptance-by first accepting things as they are, as opposed to how you want them to be makes it easy to modify or work towards changing the unfavorable situation to your favor. The same concept applies towards personality changes; in order to bring our best selves in day to day situations and life in general, we have to first accept ourselves as we are not as other people or the society expects us to be, not the way we want other people to see us. This is the only way we can get to honestly know what our strengths and weaknesses are, which in effect, is instrumental to getting things done more efficiently and effectively.

Most people have us are so conditioned by the society that we don’t know ourselves anymore; we are always playing out a role that is not us or being somebody else that is not aligned to who we truly are simply because we want to conform and look ‘normal’ so to speak. A lot of other times we go through traumas, some major and others minor that condition our approach towards life and hinder us from living life to our highest potential.

Genuine success or real happiness is only possible when we gain a significant degree of self acceptance. To continually strive to convince other people and yourself to be something other than what you basically are is a straining task. On the contrary, there is no relief and contentment like that which comes from giving up the pretenses and shams and accepting yourself as you really are. Success that is built on the platform of self acceptance almost always comes easily and on its own accord.

Self acceptance means coming to terms and accepting yourself for who you really are now, just as you are, with all your weaknesses, faults, shortcomings, as well as your strengths and assets. Most people shy away from accepting themselves as they are, especially their not realizing that it is healthy to accept both your positives and negatives. If we could only learn to fully accept ourselves as we are then we will realize that we are stronger, wiser and more competent than we actually think ourselves to be.

It is important therefore to accept ourselves as we truly are because it is the only vehicle we have for self expression in this lifetime. There is no point in rejecting the imperfect aspects of ourselves and replacing these aspects with a fictitious self, this a self defeating approach towards life and only hinders us from making the necessary changes we ought to make to live our lives fully as was intended by the creator at the time of creation.

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