Astral Projection

I find astral projection to be a very fascinating spiritual topic; and I am sure so do many others. It looks like an easy subject to those who are familiar with the concept, but truth be told, the mystical aspect of leaving the physical body and roam through space across the galaxy is something ‘out of this world.’

For those who don’t know what astral projection is, well, it is an out of body experience that can happen to an individual when they are fully awake or when they are snoozing off right before they sleep. During a state of astral travel, an individual’s soul rises from their physical body and flies at fast speed through spiritual planes. There is a semi-transparent silver umbilical cord that is attached to the body which brings the soul back to the body or makes sure the soul does not get lost in the ether when an individual astral projects. It is very important to recite a prayer of protection prior to any astral attempt to thwart chances of another soul entering the body (usually referred to as a walk in). There are three key forms of astral projection, which are;

Voluntary Astral Projection: Where an individual can deliberately astral travel. This is common with the mystics from the East (yogis, sadhus, rishis etc).

Involuntary Astral Projection: This is an astral travel experience that happens by chance, for instance when a person passes out, or during an accident, or when undergoing surgery, (near death experiences come into play here). What usually happens is that when the pain in the body becomes too much to bear, the soul leaves the body to relieve itself of the intense pain. Sources report that the soul then hovers around the body until it is out of physical danger and then returns (again, case stories of near death experiences define their unique experiences in much the same way).

Dreaming: This can pass as an involuntary astral travel, only that this time the soul is not forced to leave the body because of an intensive painful experience; it usually happens right before sleep or during deep slumber. In dreaming as a form of astral projection, one can experience dreams of either jumping, or flying, or falling, or running, or even diving.

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