Everyday miracles

Mindfulness teaches us to be present in our thoughts, words, and deeds. By being mindful we become more grounded, more relaxed, and more focused on the various activities that we are involved in. Mindfulness helps us to breathe better which heightens and sharpens our senses.

There is a host of other benefits associated with mindfulness which include but are not limited to; better sleep, reduction of chronic pains and ailments, lower blood pressure, treating gastrointestinal difficulties and heart diseases, and improves mental health.

But what makes the practice of mindfulness magical is the fact that it enables us to be more aware of our present surroundings and appreciate some of the wondrous things that we tend to overlook on a regular basis.

As humans, we usually have this habit of noticing miraculous events or happenings elsewhere while overlooking the ones happening in our lives and surrounding us every second of every day. Even the fact that you woke up this morning alive and well, reading this article is a miracle in itself, but you won’t notice it or even appreciate it enough because you are not mindful enough; and also because you probably have a sense of entitlement that it is rightfully yours and so you don’t see the miracle in it.

When you become mindful you develop a different perception towards everything, you start seeing things on a different light, you notice the miracle in the sun rising, the birds singing, the wind blowing, the tree swaying, the stars sparkling; you become aware that even the tiniest insect has a role to play in the world’s ecosystem and that its mere existence is a miracle in itself. By the way do you know that without the sun’s rays living beings on earth including plants would die; well, now you know.

As a person, since you were born, for as long as you can remember, how many experiences have you been through that you thought you would never get through? Take a minute and recall some of the major life experiences that you were almost sure was the end of the world for you, but that through miraculous means you sailed through. Looking back I am sure that you will agree with me that some of the tough moments in your life took nothing short of a miracle to see you sail through.

Looking at some of these scenarios it occurs to us why we are always asked to complain less and practice gratitude more. In our grumbling and in our haste to squeeze more out of life we miss out on the blessings and the regular miracles happening around us on a regular basis.

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