Where does one draw the line

Spiritual awakening is an intriguing state of being; even for those who are in the process of awakening spiritually, will agree with me on this fact. During this process, it is like your eyes open for the first time. Everything you know and have been familiar with until this moment begins to look or feel somehow different. It’s like you begin to discover a different aspect of life including yourself; things that didn’t make sense before begin to gradually make sense, aspects of life that you never quiet understood slowly begins to get clearer. When you look at elements of nature like the sun, the moon, the stars, the grass or even trees that you previously held an indifferent attitude towards their existence, all seem quite different, quite new, it’s like you are seeing them for the first time.

But one of the most intriguing changes that can be observed during the spiritual awakening process is the change of personality of an individual. It is not unusual to notice an individual who was once quiet and reserved suddenly become outspoken, outgoing and full of life; a total contrast in character. Or an individual who was previously outspoken and aggressive becoming more reserved, reflective, and thoughtful in their actions.

A change in personality means a change in attitude, response, and action towards life. This sometimes could be challenging and difficult to implement. Most of us inherently fear and resent change and a change in personality implies incorporating new changes in our lives and lifestyles hence the difficulty and resentment.

For instance, it is common knowledge that the basis of spirituality is love; the thoughts, words and actions of a spiritually awakened individual have to be expressed in form of love. Love in all that you think. Love in all that you say. Love in all that you do. The question therefore is how does an awakened individual transition from hardwired bad habits to those that reflect love? Of course there are those who might argue that during the awakening process, love in all that one does should automatically express itself but it isn’t quiet necessarily so. Even enlightened spiritual masters attest to sometimes experience challenges in this area.

Then there are those subtle tests that glare at you; people who have noticed the new you and are keen to take advantage of say your generous heart that gives without discrimination, or your patient side that is quick and easy to forgive. Where does one draw the line on how to handle repeat offenders who always ‘push your buttons’ so to speak? The fact that you have now embarked on that spiritual path should not transform you to a pushover ready to cede ground to people who clearly know that they are taking advantage of you (or maybe they don’t)? I am here thinking of how Lord Krishna through His nephew Arjuna dealt with such people in the opening chapters of Bhagavad Gita or how Jesus dealt with the ‘special’ group which made a ‘clever’ decision to turn the church into a market place. Or am I over thinking? How does one become assertive without compromising the quality of their spiritual life? Is there anyone out there who would care to share how?

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