Fallen Angels

The concept of fallen angels is mostly common within the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). In previous posts we established that angels are divine beings created by God to serve him and help Him to achieve His divine purpose through-out the entire Universe. We went ahead and defined the classes of angels as well as their ranks and tasks assigned to them by God. What we never discussed however is a different class of angels referred to as the fallen angels and which forms the basis of this article.

Fallen angels basically are made, rather created out of the same stuff as your typical angel; they are non-human extra terrestrial beings who originally were created by God together with the other groups of angels with the same mission and purpose of serving Him and His divine purpose both in heaven and earth. This group of angels however rebelled against God and were thus cast out and expelled from heaven; in other words they fell from God’s grace hence the term ‘fallen angels.’

In Judaism and Christianity (which borrows its ideologies heavily from Judaism), the concept of guardian angels is derived from the book of Enoch which claim that ‘fallen angels’ indeed do exist and continue to roam the earth on a mission to corrupt the souls of men. The book of Enoch narrates how these divine beings developed an insatiable sexual lust for earthly women. They followed up on these desires by descending on earth and indulging in sexual affairs with these women. The book of Enoch specifically states that the angels took up the daughters of men as their wives, they had sexual relations and begot children with them (referred here as the biblical giants), they taught these women sorcery, incantations, and divinations as well as twisted versions of heavenly secrets.

The book of Enoch continues to narrate how the off springs of these angels and the earthly women, (evil giants), lost control and began devouring everything they came across including man. The book singles out one specific fallen angel named Azazyel, who out of his spiteful nature taught women how to make beauty accessories like make up and bracelets to enhance their sexual appeal. As for the men, Azazyel taught them how to create and assemble instruments of war including breastplates, shields, swords, and knives; thus the origin of war as we know it today can be traced to this fallen angel, defined as a vengeful act of a fallen angel expelled from the divine realm.

The book of Enoch finally reveals that regular men then appealed to the heavens to intervene on their behalf for the atrocities and injustices heaped on them by these extra terrestrial beings. God heard their cries and first sent Archangel Gabriel to annihilate the evil giants (referred to as the children of fornication); the archangel incited them against each other and they slaughtered each other to extinction. Mighty God then sent Mighty Archangels-Michael, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel to wipe out the rest through a purge. Their bodies were destroyed but their souls remained and continue to roam the earth as demons that constantly tempt man to sin. Some common names of fallen angels include; Chemosh, Moloch, Belial, Dagon, Beelzebub, Lucifer (also known as Satan), and the aforementioned Azazyel.

In the Holy Quran (Islam’s authoritative scripture), there is a verse that specifically mentions two supposedly fallen angels Harut and Marut. The narrative behind these to angels draws parallel to that the book of Enoch’s version which states that these angels descended from heaven to teach mankind heavenly secrets specifically sorcery and witchcraft. But that’s where the comparison stops, as the Holy Quran then states that these angels were not fallen from grace per se, but rather had been sent by Allah to put man’s faith to the test.

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