Five Similarities between Christianity and Islam

Christianity and Islam are arguably two of the most popular religions in the world today; both religions have a massive number of followers across the globe with the numbers increasing in multiples with each passing minute. Even though Christianity came into existence much earlier compared to Islam, both religions bear some significant similarities by virtue that their basis can be traced to Abraham.

Jews are direct descendants of Abraham and Jesus, who is the very basis of Christianity, and was essentially a Jew. Thus it is easy to connect the dots where the association between Christianity and Abraham comes from.

The Islamic faith on the other hand trace its origins to Abraham from the fact that Islam’s foremost prophet-Prophet Muhammad, was the direct descendant of Abraham’s first child Ishmael. Both religions borrow heavily from Jewish practices as highlighted in some of their similarities below:

(a) Monotheism

In both Christianity and Islam, adherents believe in the existence of only One God that’s why they are referred to as monotheistic religions. Followers of these two religions believe and worship only in The One God who revealed Himself to Abraham while denying the existence and potency of other gods or deities. There are sources that commonly refer to The One God as the God of Abraham.

(b) Abrahamic Religions

As we have already established, both Christianity and Islam are both referred to as Abrahamic religions by virtue that they can both trace their ancestral lineage to Abraham. Judaism is also classified under Abrahamic religions which therefore make the total number of religions classified as Abrahamic to three, that is; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

(c) Both believe in the existence of Jesus

Christianity in essence, is made up of followers of Jesus Christ, hence Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah whom God promised through revelations to Prophet Daniel and a host of prophets after him that he would come and purge the world from sin and redeem disbelievers from their worldly ways of sin. Thus to Christians, the coming of Jesus was a fulfillment of divine Prophesy. Muslims also believe in the existence of Jesus only that in Islam, Jesus whom they refer to as Isa is deemed as a prophet of God who was sent to earth to guide the children of God with the gospel (injil). The only key difference is that Muslims deny Jesus to be God Incarnate or the literal son of God as their Christian counterparts believe.

(d) Both Christianity and Islam believe in existence of Angels and Demons

Both Christians and Muslims believe in the concept of Angels and Demons as extra terrestrial beings created by God to serve him in different capacities. Angels are believed in both religions to be messengers and servants of God who serve Him in different capacities to help Him fulfill His divine will. In Islam, Demons are believed to be supernatural entities created by God from hellfire to test the faith of man by luring Him into sin. In Christianity demons are defined as supernatural entities who originally were angels but they rebelled against God’s will and were thus cast out of heaven, subsequently, these entities roam the earth corrupting the souls of men.

(e) Both Christians and Muslims believe in the final day of Judgment.

Both Christians and Muslims believe in life after death; belief that souls departing from earthly bodies at the time of death will either ascend to heaven or descend to hell depending on their deeds while here on earth. Both religions believe that there is a day when the world would come to an end and God will come to judge both the living and the dead based on their deeds where after souls would either be condemned to hell for eternity or ascend into heaven for eternity.

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