Fear of God

There’s a narrative from the Christian bible which states that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom; the implication here being that reverence, acknowledgement, fear and love for God is the doorway to all the knowledge and the know-how.

Most religious movements if not all emphasize on humility in awe and in the presence of God. For those of us who believe in the existence of a Supreme, all knowing, all wise God also believe in His supernatural powers and abilities. Which is another way to say that the Universe with its planets and galaxies all belong to Him. Through His divine abilities He can do as He pleases, this is why He is treated in awe and respect.

Whenever you lose direction in life and you are prompted to seek divine intervention you will always hear recommendations of secluding yourself and seeking His face and intervention through intense prayers; or denying yourself some comfort and luxuries through intense spiritual practices like fasting; or meditation in silence only so that you can at least try and get His attention and hope that He showers your life with divine solution to your challenges. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

From the family set up which is the society’s most basic unit, all the way to the top levels of leadership, if there is no wisdom, then there is no foundation for growth or continuity. So many nations and kingdoms have fallen from places of glory because of lack of wisdom in their leaders. Even in our personal lives when you lack wisdom, nothing comes together, and when it does, it never lasts. When you are arrogant of God’s laws and disregard His instructions you might have built on something but it would probably not last long. A typical example of a victim of this scenario is Saul whom God made the first King of Israel; his origins were humble but God exalted him to the highest office of the land; but instead of reverence and fear of God, he became arrogant and was extremely disobedient, he would not listen to God. Ultimately the kingship of Israel was taken away from him and was given to someone more deserving.

Contrary to the story of Saul is that one of Abraham who is usually referred to as the father of many nations; his love and reverence of God was absolute; he followed God’s instructions even if it did not make sense to Him. He knew that God by virtue of all His wisdom that surpasses all human understanding knew what He was doing and therefore he (Abraham) saw no need to second guess or question his instructions. Ultimately God kept his promises to him (Abraham) one of them being he would make his descendants as many as the stars in the skies. There is also the story of Job whom God tested his faith and stripped him of every inch of material possessions that he had blessed him with; but in spite of this radical test of loyalty, Job’s reverence, acknowledgement and love of God did not wane, ultimately he was restored with more than what he initially had. Even though my examples are leaning more towards the bible, there are many more examples, from scriptures of other religions as well of the significant benefits that one can draw from absolute reverence, acknowledgement, and love for God. By simply showing God utmost trust, fear, love, and respect, ordinary men have accomplished extra ordinary things in the course of their lifetimes.

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