Inferiority Complex

A big majority of people have their lives blighted to a certain degree by feelings of inferiority. This in effect, is a serious handicap to living a life of happiness and success. From a practical perspective, and in reality, each person on the surface of this earth is inferior in some way to another person or persons. For instance, my knowledge in medicine is inferior to that of a trained doctor which makes me inferior to the said doctor in the area of medicine. On the other hand there are things which for certain I know my knowledge and skills are superior to that of other people including the doctor.
However, the fact that a doctor is more knowledgeable in his area of expertise compared to the knowledge I have in that area does not induce feelings of inferiority within me, and the fact that I may have more knowledge or skills than the doctor in a certain area of expertise does not induce feelings of inferiority within him. Feeling inferior to someone simply because you cannot do something as well as they is an unhealthy and unfavorable comparison.

Feeling inferior to other people is not always based on facts or experiences but on irrational conclusions regarding facts and incorrect evaluation of experiences. For instance, I am an inferior athlete and an inferior and an inferior art designer but that does not make me an inferior person. On the other hand there are athletes or art designers who cannot write as well as I do but that does not generally make them inferior people. It might make them inferior writers but not inferior people.

Feelings of inferiority almost always spring up for just one reason; most people judge and measure themselves not against their own “norm” but against other people’s “norm.” When they do this, they always without exception come second best. But because people believe, and think, and assume that they measure up to other people’s ‘norm,’ they feel miserable, and second rate, and conclude that there is something wrong with them which in effect, induces feelings of inferiority from within them. The next logical conclusion from this half baked thought process by such people is that they are not worthy and that they do not deserve happiness and success. From an illogical conclusion that they don’t measure up to those they compare themselves with, they hold this silly notion that they would be out of place to fully express their own talents and abilities, whatever they might be, without apology or without feeling guilty about it. All these come about because people have erroneously accepted the idea that they should be like so and so or they should be like everybody else. What they seem not to see or realize is that everybody else is made up of individuals no two of whom are alike.

My advice to each one of you reading this post, especially those suffering from feelings of inferiority is that they stop measuring themselves against other people’s standards. They are not them and can never measure up. Neither can those people against whom you measure yourself measure up to your standards-nor should they. Once you see this simple, self evident truth, accept it, and believe it, and you will notice the inferior feelings vanish by themselves.

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