The Wishing Tree

A story is told in yogic law of a gentleman who one day was taking a walk down a lonely road, a few hours later he came across a big tree with an enticing shade; seeing that he was exhausted he decided to take a rest beneath the tree’s shade only so that he could recharge and continue with his long walk. Without knowing it he fell asleep and must have remained in that state longer than he had planned, he woke up hours later feeling a little light headed with a growling tummy since he hadn’t eaten anything for awhile, his first thought was “I am feeling so hungry, I wish there was some food here.” Out of the blue, and to his surprise, every kind of food in his imagination magically appeared, he didn’t understand how but that didn’t stop him from eating. He ate to his fill and moments later thought, “That was a good meal, if I could get a drink to wash it down with.” At that very moment, an assortment of drinks magically appeared; again, he couldn’t explain how but took some of it down anyway.

After eating and drinking to his fill, this gentleman became astounded, he wondered “what is this place, I asked for food, and food came, I asked for drinks and drinks came, what is this place? There must be ghosts around here.” Suddenly, out of the blue ghosts appeared and started to torment him and he started crying, “oh no, where did all these ghosts come from they are going to kill me,” and the ghosts killed him. Actually, according to the narrative, the man had accidentally walked into heaven and the tree he was sitting under is known as a ‘Kalpavriksha’ or a wishing tree, which when you seat beneath, anything that you wish for has to happen.

There are many interpretations to this narrative depending on different contexts. Personally I think of the Kalpavriskha as the human mind with only attracts those experiences that you constantly feed it. For instance, if you feed it worry and anxiety, then it will attract events and experiences into your life to affirm the worry and anxiety that you are constantly thinking about. If you feed it love, happiness, and material abundance it will manifest these positive aspects into your life. This is the concept behind the statement “You are what you think.”

Today, scientists have discovered that everything in the universe is energy in vibration; this also applies to non-physical things including thoughts; it has been a well established fact that our thoughts are a form of intense energy that can be detected by a standard medical equipment- and can interact with the physical world.

Albert Enstein researched on this phenomena in 1935 through quantum mechanics and established that energetically activating a particle on one side of the world creates an immediate response in partner particle elsewhere in the world. To imply that if your thoughts are vibrating in a given frequency of energy on one side of the world it activates and attracts thoughts or objects vibrating at the same frequency in another part of the world. The stronger and persistent the thoughts are the faster they attract similar objects, events or thoughts. Which is another way of saying we attract events, experiences, and even like thoughts that we feed into our minds and dwell on a good share of the time.

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