Queen Of Sheba

Queen of Sheba, The legendary mysterious Queen who according to archeological findings, must have existed around the tenth 10 century B.C.E.The same archaeological findings trace her origins in Africa.

The Queen of Sheba prominently appears in several spiritual writings and scriptures.

For instance, the Christian bible gives a detailed account of her visit to King Solomon in the book of 1st Kings chapter 10 from verse 1 to 10. An account of her life which brought her prominence. It is said that she journeyed to Solomon’s court to test his wisdom with riddles and puzzles. Impressed by his intellect and grandeur, she was said to have been humbled by the experience

In the Islamic Holy Quran (Sura 27), she is mentioned as a Queen who submits to Solomon, the Prophet of Allah, who consequently converts her to Islam.

During her visit, the Queen of Sheba presented King Solomon with lavish gifts of gold, spices, and precious stones. Some legends even claim that she brought with her a caravan of camels laden with treasures from her kingdom. The meeting of the two rulers was a meeting of equals, each in awe of the other’s greatness

The Queen of Sheba also appears in the antiquities of Josephus (8.5.5) as a noble philosopher and ruler from the horn of Africa under the name Nicaulis.

All these accounts speak highly of her. A wealthy queen full of wisdom and vast knowledge of the world. Jewish legend however, identify her as Lilith, the Queen of Demons.

Despite the mystery surrounding her origins and existence. The Queen of Sheba who had also been identified elsewhere as Makeda, presents us with a valid memory of women who managed to carve out high ranking positions for themselves in worlds dominated by men.

Her story has been passed down through the ages in various forms, from ancient texts to modern interpretations. She is often portrayed as a symbol of feminine strength and independence, a ruler who was not afraid to challenge the status quo and seek out knowledge and wisdom wherever it may be found.

The Queen of Sheba remains a fascinating and enigmatic figure in history. Her story continues to captivate and intrigue us, reminding us of the power of wisdom, curiosity, and the quest for knowledge. As we unravel the myths and legends surrounding her, we are drawn into a world of mystery and wonder, where anything is possible.

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