About Me

Hi, my name is Moses which I think is a more formal introduction of me; for the sake of this blog you can call me a brother, a friend, a father, an uncle, or any other socially acceptable term that resonates with you; most people in my circle refer to me as Musa, you can use that too. This is a forum where we share any form of knowledge that we have on the spiritual world. The objective here is simple, to help people gain a better understanding on spiritual matters and its relevance on this material world as well as in our day to day lives. This blog is not confined to a specific denomination or faith; it is an open forum which will be discussing spiritual issues touching on various denomination and religious faith.

This blog has been and continues to be inspired by my personal experiences in life.At the time of its inception I was facing a lot of challenges both in my personal life and career, to an outsider watching from afar, my life seemed to be in total chaos and disarray, but to me, internally I was solid and in total control of the direction I was headed. The solid focus on my side during this intense period can be attributed to my devotion to spirituality. It was a time where I would have easily gone insane or worse were it not for my conviction to faith in the spiritual realm. Better still was the knowledge that God had a divine plan in place for me  and that I could only succumb if it was by his divine decree.

This knowledge and conviction gave me the strength to push forward even when it looked like the dice was already cast and my fate signed and sealed. Spirituality is what I turned to any time I sensed that the odds were stacked against me or even when times were good in an attempt to connect with the source to thank him for his grace and mercies. It is through the Mighty God’s grace and will that you are reading and are a part of this blog. And it is through his benevolent mercy that I felt inspired to put this blog out here for the sake of knowledge and inspiration, but most importantly to attempt to draw people back to God’s grace through dissemination of knowledge.